20 Luv Information


Scope: Primarily located in the Corrections Facilities in CT, it is a spinoff of the 1970's Hartford based gang "The Magnificent 20's".

Gender Make Up: Primarily male.

Racial Make Up: Blacks

Organization: Appears to be semi-organized with a Council that consists of a Chairman and five Co-Chairman, Captains and Sergeant of Arms. By-laws consist of 20 Rules and Regulations.

Gang Colors: Black and Green

Emblem/Handshake: Closed fists banged together, then index and middle finger placed over the heart like a Peace Sign. Signifying 20 to the heart, meaning LOVE.

Alliance: Elm City Boys and Los Solidos

Rivals: Latin Kings, Ñetaeta, Nation and Brotherhood

Criminal Activity: Drugs, assaults, intimidation, extortion and murder.

History: 20 Luv originated in the Corrections System, a spinoff of a Hartford based gang called the Magnificent 20's. The Magnificent 20's existed in the late 1960's early 1970's. It's original members are now almost non-existent. As a result, younger members are taking positions of leadership and incidents of violence have been growing at a rapid pace. It is believed that the reason the Magnificent 20's formed was as a means of protection within the Hartford streets, but as the membership grew their priorities changed along with the increase in violence and type of crimes.

Membership: All entrance to the Family is based on a 4 to 2 vote or vice versa. The Chairman's final approval is required for membership as well as any decisions for the family.

Propensity for Violence: The 20 Luv has a reputation for violence to include assaults on inmates for refusing membership or disrespecting their gang. Incidents of assaults and intimidation toward the white inmates have been reported. Also documented reports as instrumenting food strikes and work stoppage within our facilities.

Finances: Funds are generally derived from extortion of weaker inmates and receipts from illegal drug activity.

Leadership: The 20 Luv is directed by a Council, Captains and Sergeant of Arms with a set of 20 Rules and Regulations.

Here is an example of 20 Luv's Beads - 3 Black and 3 Green
Here is some 20 Luv graffiti