Asian Family Information


Scope: The gang is boasting a large membership and is located in the prison systems of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island. The Gang is a self protection group within the prison system made up of sets which are located in every major New England states.

Known Sets: Asian Boyz, Boston Red Dragons, Easy Boys Gang, Blood Red Dragons, West Side Oriental Boys and Asian Crips.

Gender Make Up: Predominately male.

Racial Make Up: Asian with some Hispanic

Organization: Has a more structured hirache than that of the West Coast crips gangs

Colors: Red may also use forrest green, black and yellow

Alliance: Folk Nation Alignment.

Rivals: Latin Kings, Ñeta, Los Solidos and Bloods.

Criminal Activity: Extortion, drug dealing,

Hand Signaland Tattoes: Unknown at this time.

History: Little is known at this time

Propensity For Violence: Asian Family can and has shown high propensity for violence

Identifiers: AR-Z; GZOZA