Brotherhood Information


Scope: Primarily located in the Town of Groton, Ledyard, Mystic, New London and in the Correctional Facilities in CT, recent information has noted their presents in other New England States as will. it is a spinoff of the Chicago based Folk Nation group Brotherhood of the Struggle/Black Gangster Disciples.

Gender Make Up: Primarily male.

Racial Make Up: Blacks and Black Hispanics

Organization: The Brotherhood has an established hierarchy and a chain of command.

Gang Colors: Black, silver and white may be substituted for silver;

Emblem/Handshake: Folk Nation gangs use symbols and identifying apparel on the right side of the body. Six pointed Star of David; six pointed crown; The Heart; Flame or Torch; Brotherhood members identify each other by means of "colors", white beads, worn on the neck or on their wrists. Brotherhood members also can be identified by also wearing black and white beads. Members who are on the Ministers of security Team wear a white band on the ring finger.

Other means of identifying Brotherhood members are graffiti which comes in the form of arms crossed in front to show the "X" mark, and wear tattoos which are similar to their graffiti. Members also greet each other by shaking hands, with thumbs facing upward.

Alliance: Young Black Youth; Brotherhood of the Struggle; Latin Kings; Pump Nation and Ñetaeta. While imprisoned members may identify with the BOS.

Rivals: 20 Luv; Los Solodis; ECB

Rivals: Drugs, assaults, intimidation, extortion and murder.

BY-LAWS: The Brotherhood adhere to a set of fifteen rules and regulations, "qualifications and positional functions" of ranking members, and a formal "pledge" and "oath" that all members of the Brotherhood take upon entering the Brotherhood.

They also adhere to a Code for "Penalties and Infractions", which include penalties and fines for violations

Propensity for Violence: The Brotherhood has a reputation for violence to include assaults, extortion; attempted murder and murder on rival Gang members, civilians and inmates for refusing membership or disrespecting their gang. Incidents of assaults and intimidation toward the white inmates and civilians have reported.

Finances: Funds are generally derived from extortion of weaker inmates, students and civilians; receipts from illegal drug activity.

Leadership: Established Hierarchy as follows: Presidents Vice President Generals of security "MOST" - Minister Of Security Team; Lieutenants Representatives Secretary of Communication Secretary Spokesman of Roots Investigators Treasure

History: This group originated with three military dependents who had been affiliated with the Black Gangster Disciples set in the region of The Great Lakes Naval Base, Located outside of Chicago, IL.

Here is an example of Brotherhood's Beads - 3 Black and 3 silver

Here is some local Brotherhood graffiti