Exotic Foreign Crip Creation Information


Scope: The gang is boasting a large membership and is located in Connecticut from Danbury to New London, Connecticut, Ayer, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island. The Gang is broken down into sets which are located in every major city in the state and New England.

Known Sets: Asian Boys, Crips in Action, East Coast EFCC, Folk Nation Crips and Like Brother Crip.

Gender Make Up: Predominately male. The Females tend to form there own sets the parent set for females is know as the "Exotic Foreign Cambodian Coterie".

Racial & Ethnic Make Up:Combodian and some Hispanic

Organization: Has a more structured hirache than that of the West Coast Crips gangs

Colors: Red may also use forrest green, black and yellow

Alliance: Folk Nation Alignment, Asian Family (within the DOC).

Rivals: Latin Kings, Ñeta, Los Solidos and Bloods.

Criminal Activity: Extortion, drug dealing, Home Invasion, theft of Gambling Proceeds after persons leave casinos and hotel room invasions involving Asian community gamblers.

Hand Signal and Tattoes: "C"; EFCC in old English

History: Little is known at this time

Propensity For Violence: This group is known to be very violent

Identifiers: Clothing with the above named colors,

Here are examples of tattoes