El Rukns Information


Scope: Primarily located in correctional facilities in Connecticut and New England with small groups in the larger cities and may associate or align and intergate with the vice lords both in prison and on the streets.

Gender Make Up: Predominately male.

Racial or ethnic Make Up: Mostly black, with a few Hispanics and Whites.

Organization: Appears to be well organization.

Colors: Black, Red, Green and Gold colors

Alliance: People Nation

Rivals: Folk Nation, The U. S. Government and anyone aligned with the Folk Nation

Criminal Activity: Extortion, drug dealing, murder, theft, treason and mandatory recruiting.

Hand Signal: See attached picture.

Identifying information: Crescent moon with 5 pointed star and pyramid with crescent moon.

History: The El Rukns is a street gang with it origins in the 1960's. It has undergone numerious changes in leadership and group names over the years. In 1986, El Rukns members agreed to commit acts of treason against the U.S. Government in exchange for a sizable loan from Libya. As a result, many members were convicted and sent to the federal prison system. However many members have now aligned with the vice lords and share many of the vice lords activities and symbols.

El Rukens