Greenville Crips Information


Scope: Primarily located in the Greenville section of Norwich, CT and in Salem, CT.

Gender Make Up: Male and Female.

Racial Make Up: Primarily African Americans.

Organization: On the East Coast we find that the Crips have a loose form of leadership and a basic set of bylaws;

Gang Colors: Blue.

Sequence of beads: None known at this time

Emblem: 6 pointed star, Fila Brand jogging suits and teenis shoes, clothing or hats with BK which stands for Blood killer.

Alliances: Folk Nation.

Rival Gangs: People Nation, Latin Kings, Bloods, Latin Counts

Criminal Activity: Narcotics, Weapons, Extortion, Assaults, and intimidation.

History: The Crips are an extremely Violent black street gang which originated in Los Angeles, CA in the late 1960's; though individualizm is still the norm, being loyal to other crips, and maintaining a commitment to foster violence upon rival gangs. The Crips rivalry with the bloods gang presents a likelihood of violent encounters between members.

Propensity for Violence: Members of the Crips have exhibited violence both inside our Correctional Facilities and on the streets of New England. Violence includes assaults on staff, inmates, and gang members who do not conduct themselves in a manner which is in accordance to the gang's rules. Crip members have also assaulted inmates who refuse to join their gang.

Finances: The main source of income for the Crips is from the sells of drugs.

Leadership: Crips in New England area have a organized and somewhat of a formalized rank structure which includes OG, Security, Defense team.

Local Leadership: The Crips have established local leadership in areas where where they set up camp.

Weapons: Automatic weapons for most members. Knives, explosives.

Membership: The typical Crips membership is between 16-22 years of age, rarely has identification and frequently uses an alias.