Jungle Boys Information


Scope: The Jungle Boys orginally came from New Britain (starting about 1976 or 1977).The a New Haven, Connecticut set which has recently surfaced in our facilities as a result of several major drug and homicide arrests in the New Haven area in the last couple of years. On June 22.1992, eighteen members were arrested in a major drug raid in New Haven involving federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.

In Connecticut's adult correctional facilities, the Jungle Boys and other New Haven gangs usually band together to form the "Elm Street Incorporated". At Manson Youth Institution (MYI), the combining of the "Jungle Boys" and "Kensington Street Incorporated" (KSI) is known as the "Elm Street Gang".

Gender Make Up: Male

Racial Make Up: Black

Organization: Established hierarchy and chain of command including a Boss, Under Boss, Lieutenants, and Soldiers. There are no known documented bylaws or charter for the Jungle Boys.

Gang Colors: As customary with corporate drug gangs, the Jungle Boys do not display any gang colors.

Emblem: Hand sign is all fingers extended except for the ring finger which is bent; however, Jungle Boy Members like to display their jewelry as a sign of status.

Gang dress: Camos.

Alliances: No particular alliances on the streets. The Jungle Boys and other New Haven based gangs will align with 20 Lov inside our correctional facilities.

Rivals: Island Brothers, Bridgeport based gangs (Nation & Brotherhood).

Criminal Activity: The Jungle Boys are primarily involved in the trafficking and distribution of cocaine and marijuana in the New Haven area. There are indications that they will attempt to continue this type of activity while incarcerated.

In addition to the drugs, the Jungle Boys have been linked to six homicides which are considered drug related. Jungle Boy members are also known to carry firearms and have been linked to several drive-by shootings.

History: The Jungle Boys has its origins in New Haven, Connecticut and appear to have developed around 1984. The.majority of its members are from the Church Street South Housing Project in New Haven. The Jungle Boys have dominated the project since the mid 1980s, and this area is considered the gang's "turf". The Jungle Boys are considered one of the five major drug gangs functioning in New Haven, having been linked to being a major part of the city's drug trafficking activity and gang related membership.

Propensity For Violence: The Jungle Boys have been responsible for six homicides in New Haven and have been linked to numerous drive-by shootings. In correctional facilities, they have been involved in several incidents involving rival gangs from Bridgeport (Brotherhood & Nation ).

Source of Income: The main source of income for the Jungle Boys are funds derived from the sale of cocaine and marijuana.

Identifiers: When incarcerated, members of the Jungle Boys will tend to align themselves with other New Haven based gangs to obtain a numerical power base.