Jamaican Posse Information


Scope: We have seen the existence of members of the Jamaican Posse mostly in the correctional facilities in the southern part of the State (Bridgeport and New Haven) due to their close proximity to New York City which is a central hub of the Posse's activity.

Gender Make-up: Male.

Racial Make-up: Jamaican.

Organization: Current intelligence indicates no formal Posse hierarchy within the different Posses. There appears to be a self identification with other Jamaicans which share similar values (inclination towards criminal and anti-social behavior) that leads to the appearance of a formal body. However, with the various Posses, there does exist strong individual leadership. Strong leadership is prevalent in the Posses engaged in terrorist activities or sophisticated criminal activity.

Gang Colors: No formal colors. There are over 40 different Posses. Colors which may be associated with Posse members are yellow, green, and red.

Alliances: May have working relationships with West Coast Street Gangs, Colombians, La Cosa Nostra; and have been known to associate with 20 Luv, YBY, and the Brotherhood in this region.

Rivals: Blacks, Caribbean Hispanic, Puerto Rican, White, Ras Tafarians. Illicit Activity: Illegal drugs, weapons, illegal alien entrance to U.S.

History: The Jamaican Posse entered the drug and weapons scene in the early 80s. Prior to 1986, they were involved in guns and marijuana. They are now into the crack market. The centers of trafficking are New York and Miami, with Connecticut's major cities as secondary distribution points (Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport). Thus, we have seen an influx of Posse members incarcerated in the state, usually on drug or weapons related crimes.

Posse members do not associate with Rastafarians, and there exists some basic ideological differences between the two even though both originate from Jamaica. In the early 70's, Ras tafarians controlled a good portion of the New York drug market. The 80's and 90's appear to be in control of the Posse members. Recent infomation indicates the the major rift is over cocaine production in Jamaica. The "posse" is for the production and The "Rastarians: are againist but for the production and sale of marijuana in Jamaica.

There are two basic Posses, the "Spangler Posse" and the "Shower Posse." All Posses are politically aligned with either the People's National Party PNP (socialistic tendencies rumored to be aligned with Fidel Castro) or the Jamaican Labor Party (JLP) (reportedly aligned with the US and CIA). The Spangler Posse is aligned with PNP, and the Shallow Showeo is aligned with JLP.

Propensity for Violence: Posse members are known for drive by shootings involved in disputes with rival gangs over drug turf. Posse members are known for ritualized killings of members who "rip off" profits on drugs. The killing ritual usually involves the shooting of the individual five times; four to the chest and one to the head. Posse members have little regard for public safety or human life. Posse violence can be directed at anyone they feel has crossed them or is in their way.

Within the Connecticut Department of Correction, violence by the Posse has been minimal. The probable reason is the low number of Posse members incarcerated within our system. However, Posse members are known to show a lack of respect for law enforcement and correction's personnel. Staff should use caution when dealing with Posse members. Posse members are usually well informed with the laws and rights of individuals. Posse members have proven that they will take whatever steps necessary to avoid arrest, commit violent acts while in custody, murder witnesses, and effect an escape by any means possible.

Identification: The over 40 different Posses will identify with Posses with similar political and economic interests.

The identification of Posse members is often difficult. They may be known by different names in each city in which they operate and usually adopt names from the home island.

Posse members are known to falsify documents and will attempt to gain false credentials of police officers, federal agents, military officers, and intelligence officers.