La Familia Information


Scope: La Familia was founded on November 1963 on the streets of Bayridge, in Brooklyn, New York City.  The gang was formed by seven young men in that neighborhood to protect themselves from other gangs.  The name, "La Familia", was picked out from one of the original founders grandmothers' store.

Gender Make Up: Predominantly male, and from the Western Massachusetts area.

Racial Make Up: Mostly Hispanic with some white members.

Organization: La Familia consists of 7 heads or "cabezas", a warlord, and a godfather. The heads are the strong-arms, 1st and 2nd.

The heads, which are also the strong-arm have the authority to recruit and violate members when brought forth on charges to the heads (Board of Founders).

The Board of Founders have the last word until it is brought forth to the godfather.  The godfather is the ultimate authority when handing down sanctions and taking action against members.

Gang Colors: Red and White.

Emblem: Five pointed star, Insignia "ADF" (Amor De Familia) or ADLF" (Amor De La Familia)

Alliances: Latin Kings, NETA, People Nation.

Rivals: South Side Posse (MA), Los Solidos.

Criminal Activity: Murder, drug sales, assault. 

Propensity for Violence: Members of La Familia are known for their involvement in murder, assaults and firearm possession.

They have been involved in retaliatory attacks against rival gang members.

Finances: The main source of income for La Familia members is proceeds from the sale of narcotics.

Leadership: La Familia is governed by a Board of Founders(7), a Father of all Fathers, Warlord, Secretary, Recruiter, Co-Counsel, Treasurer, Man at Arms, Violation Sergeant, and Padrino's eyes.

Identification: Members of La Familia can usually be identified by the colors red and white which they usually display in the beads they wear as well as clothing. The sequence in which they wear their beads are 5 white and two red.

   Here is an example of La Familia Beads - 2 red, 5 white

   Here is an example of La Familia insignia