Latin Locos Information


Scope: We have seen the existence of members of the Latin Locos in our facilities since the early 80s; a Hispanic street gang that was founded in the streets of Hartford, Connecticut.

Gender Make Up: Male

Racial Make Up: Hispanic

Organization: This street gang has never had a stable leadership which is one of the reasons this gang has had a declining membership in and out of the prison system in the recent years.

Gang Colors: Black, White, and Brown

Alliances: None

Rivals: Latin Kings, Solidos

Criminal Activity: Narcotic Trafficking and Weapons

History: The Latin Locos were founded in the mid 1970s in the city streets of Hartford, Connecticut. Their turf consisted of Garden Street to Mather Street, Main Street to Albany Avenue, Chestnut Street to Walnut Street and back to Garden Street. They ran and controlled the drug market in these neighborhoods. Although considered a "minor" active gang, its members are frequently arrested on drug and weapon charges. The Connecticut Department of Correction Intelligence Unit has identified 30 active members. Violence by this group in our facilities has been minimal due to a decline in membership.

Finances: Their source of income came from the sales of narcotics and monthly dues by members.

Leadership: Structure: President, Vice President, Secretary, Secretary of War and Warrior.

One of their colors (coffee brown) stands for revolution and is only displayed in time of war. The symbol of the color coffee brown signifies their land and also the color of the Caribbean Indian "Neto" a brave indian warrior.

Recruitment: The gang uses traditional methods of recruiting members usually from their local areas.

Here is an example of the Latin Loco's Beads - 3 Black, 3 White and 3 Brown