Nation Information


Scope: Primarily located in Correctional Facilities in Connecticut and in the streets of Bridgeport, New London and The Town of Groton the Nation appears to be a spinoff of the Black Gangster Disciple Nation (BGDN) prison gang from Joliet, Illinois. They identify themselves with the "Black Panthers" of the 1960's.

Gender Make Up: Predominantly male.

Racial Make Up: Strictly Black.

Organization: Appears to be organized with a president, vice- president structure for each correctional facility. By-laws consist of 19 rules for members to adhere to. Members are commonly referred to as gangsters.

Emblems: Six point Star of David, upward pitchfork, heart, horns, sword, Pump Nation, Pump or Die, If You Ain't Pumpin' Nation You Ain't Pumpin' Nothn' (IYAPNYAPN), Wink.

Alliances: ÑETA, Brotherhood, Fruit of Islam, Nation of Islam, Dead Nation of Islam, El Rukens.

Rivals: Elm City Boys (ECB's), Solidos, 20 Luv, Latin Kings,

Criminal Activity: Drugs, extortion, intimidation, drive-by shootings, assault, and murder.

History: The Nation is believed to have its roots in Bridgeport, CT. The parent gang, known as the Black Gangster Disciple Nation (BGDN), is believed to have started in the mid 60s in Chicago.

The BGDN has the largest population of any gang in Chicago, both in the correctional system and outside. It is the predominant gang in Chicago.

All factions recognize the Six Point Star of David and crossed upward pitchfork in their jewelry and tattoos.

Propensity for Violence: The Nation has a reputation for violence which includes assaults on staff, inmates, and any other person who the gang feels may have disrespected them. Nation members are known for drive-by shootings when in dispute with a rival gang over drug territory.

Finances: The main sources of income for the Nation are funds derived from the sale of drugs. Secondary income is derived from extortion practices.

Leadership: The Nation is directed from inside each facility by a President and Vice-President, with a set of rules and regulations. Members (gangsters/soldiers) exhibit a high degree of loyalty to the President and Vice-President.