SuiCiDe Kings Information


Scope: The group is presently located in Pawcatuck, Groton, and Westerly, RI

Gender make up: Male and Female

Ethnic Make Up: Mostly Latino and White at present time but more and more African- Americans are being recruited (It appears at this time that ethnicity isn't an issue in this group)

Organization: Established Hierarchy.

Colors: Black, White (use white rags)

Sequence of beads: None known at this time

Emblem used in Graffiti: Cross, Crown, 8 pointed star, shield, 180 degrees, sword, SK (suicide kings), UC (underground connection), amongst others.

Associated with: Unknown at this time

Rivals: Unknown at this time

Criminal Activities: Assaults, intimidation, and Drug sales.

Known members: this group allegedly has about 40± Members. Members, are allegedly recruited through O.G's and jumped or in special cases blessed in. There are 5 OG members at present time with 8 more members that are in so called training to gain OG status. There are about 16 hardcore YG's and 3 or 4 BG's. They have about 20± associate members who are involved. They are people who were close to the O.GÕs before the gang was started but did not want membership.

The associates are just as loyal if not more than the YG and BG members. The associates help out in any way possible but don't always know whatÕs going on. The advantage of having this many members this loyal but not actually members, was so that law enforcement, would allegedly not be able to tell that these were people involved in the gang. Members mostly use nicknames (street Names) and real names are never used.

Propensity for Violence: Members are known to carry locks, attached to their rag or knives on them, in rare cases brass knuckles. The gang, has resources to get whatever weapons they need in a moments notice but normally will not carry them around unless planning on using them, so if arrested less chance of being charged with a felony weapons violation.

Income: Drug Sales

History: The SuiCiDe Kings were started as a group who united and formed the gang to protect themselves. There were two leaders, and 8 other close friends. Other members joined to protect themselves from certain groups and gangs. Then one member recruited another group of people to help secure the drug market. The new group got into some trouble and after some events happened the gang split into three different parts with members joining one of three people claiming leadership. One highly respected member declared war on the other two groups to exile them out of the gang.

Members from the other two groups, out of both loyalty and fear of this member, started joining his group and warring with the other two groups along side him. He eventually won. The leader of the drug group burned his rag out of disrespect and hatred because everyone turned on him he got beat. He is now hiding underground. The leader of the other group was called out for a heads up for leadership of the gang. He gave in and tried to get out of the heads up, first he apologized and tried calling a truce. The leader then gave him conditions for a truce. He was dropped rank, he got rejumped in into a lower rank, also he was to do a mission to prove loyalty to the gang (unknown as to the type). The then leader distributed equal power to the members that remained loyal to him from the start. He then tightly reorganized the gang and is now running it along with the other appointed rulers.