Tiny Rascals Gang Information


Scope: Tiny Rascals Gang is the largest Asian gang in the country. Two sets are known "The Grey Rags and the Blue Rag sets". This gang is known to have members in Connecticut, the Portland, Maine area, the Lowell (MA) and Brattleboro, VT) areas, as well as in the New Hampshire Prison System.

Gender Make Up: Male and Female. The females are known as the Lady Rascals Gang

Racial Make Up: It's members are primarily, Cambodian and Lao, like the LBC's. - Members as young as 12 have been accounted for, and they range in age from 13-26.

Organization: Appears to be organized.

Emblems: Their colors are GREY or Blue identifing the set to which the member belongs. GREY/BLUE 'bandannas" are popular, as are hats with the letters TRG. Tattoos associated with this gang include TRG, LRG or CWA. Commonly been seen on the web of the back of the hand, the arms, and the front of the torso.

Alliances: Like Brothers Crips

Rivals: FCC (Exotic Foreign Cambodian Crips) out of Providence, RI & Bridgeport area of CT. and the Blood Red Dragons out of Boston, MA.

Criminal Activity: murders, drive by shootings, robberies, narcotic violations and weapons offenses on a nationwide scale.

History: This gang started in California in the mid 80's and has a nationwide network of support and members.

Propensity for Violence: Has a reputation for violence.

Finances: Robbery and sales of narcotics

Leadership: Unknown at this time