T-Street Playaz Information


Scope: T-Street Playaz are a newly reported street gang with alledged ties to the Mystic and Stonington with some members from the Greenville Section of Norwich.

Gender Make Up: Male and Female.

Racial Make Up: It's membership is mixed - Members range in age from 13-26.

Organization: Appears to be lightly organized.

Emblems: bulls, dragons, bead necklaces, G.A.M.B.I.T. (gangstaz, arabs, males, blacks, italians, and thugs. Tats and grafitti may contain the following TSP, TS, TP, PFTS(Playaz from T-Street)

Bead sequences:

  • MG's wear one red, three navy, and five baby blue.
  • BG's wear two red, four navy and, three baby blue
  • CG's wear three red, Five navy, and two baby blue
  • New members wear all navy.

Alliances: none known

Rivals: Greenvillie Crips, Latin Kings, Blood Brothers, BDN.

Criminal Activity: Intimidation, protection, exotortion, and assults

History: This gang started in the Mystic/Stonington region of Connecticut during the summer of 1999.

Propensity for Violence: Has a reputation for violence.

Finances: Protection, exotortion,and sales of drugs.

Leadership: Unknown at this time but used the following to denote some form of leadership.

  • M.G. is Made Gangster
  • B.G. is Badass Gangster
  • C.G. is Captain of the Gangsters.