Young Blood's Information


Scope: This page is being updated for this new group

Gender make up: Male (may have female?)

Racial Make Up: African-American, may use other ethnic groups for drug sales

Organization: Hierarchy unknown

Colors: Unknown at this time

Sequence of beads: None known

Emblem used in Graffiti: Unknown

Associated with: Most Blood sets

Rivals: Elm Street Nigga's.

Criminal Activities: Have been involved in Drive-by shooting's, Assaults, intimidation, extortion and drugs.

Known members: At least 4 hard core members; Gang is actively recruiting in the Jr. Highs and High Schools.

Propensity for Violence: Members of the young blood's have exhibited violence on and off the school campuses. Violence has included assaults, intimidation and drive by shootings

History: The Youn's were formed in the New London, Connecticut area in 2004.