5%er's or The Nation of Gods and Earths Information


Scope: Five Percenters were founded in 1964 by a disgruntled member of the Nation of Islem (NOI), Temple #7 in Harlem.

Gender Make-up: Male and Female

Racial Make-up: Exclusively African-American

Organization: Very organized

Gang Colors: No formal colors. but black,gold and green have been seen in their logo

Alliances: Black Panthers; Black Hebrew Israelite (BHI) movement

Rivals: All white people, they believe the White Man is the "devil" and not to be trusted

Propensity for Violence: Some 5% members are known for drive by shootings involved in disputes over drug turf. Members are known for ritualized killings of members who "rip off" profits on drugs. The killing ritual usually involves the shooting of the individual five times; four to the chest and one to the head. Members have little regard for public safety or human life and can be directed at anyone they feel has crossed them or is in their way especially Non African-Americans.

Within the various State Departments of Correction, violence by the 5%ers has been increasing. The probable reason is the larger numbers of members being incarcerated within our systems. However, members are known to show a lack of respect for law enforcement and correction's personnel. Staff should use caution when dealing with 5% members. Members are usually well informed with the laws and rights of individuals and have been known to affect 1st Amement rights of speech and religion.

Members have proven that they will take whatever steps necessary to avoid arrest, commit violent acts while in custody, murder witnesses, and effect an escape by any means possible.

Identification: Within the prison facilities it is hard to distinguish members of this group from Nation of Islam members because many of their initial teachings or "lessons" are the same. One of the best ways to identify 5%er's is by their AKA or nick-name.

Many have legally changed their names to reflect their chosen attribute. Examples of these names are; Infinite Allah , Be God, Justice Born Allah

SPECIAL NOTE: The following is a response to E-Mail received from Divine Ruler Equality Allah and his representative Jahzid Allah, allah@sunsite.unc.edu

We were pleased to receive your comments and concerns about our web site page on the Nation of Gods and Earths; 5% Nation http://www.ctol.net/~segag/fr5er.html and its portrayal of your membership.

As we have stated before there is a small group of young African-Americans, in our communities and in our prisons, who are stating that they are members of your group. Unfortunately these young people have been involved in violent criminal activity in the tri-state area and as a result, we felt the need to place this page for informational interest to our communities and law enforcement agencies. At the time, we were unaware of your site and your tenets.

When you first commented on our site, in our guest book we made some modest changes by moving this page out of the Gang information area. We have read your site with great interest and understanding and as a result of this we are adding a special Statement Note and link to your site as you recommended.

We, like you, hope that those who read your site will gain a more positive understanding of the Nation of Gods and Earths. I hope to to have this placed in the 5% page later in the day.

Therefore, in fairness to him and his people, we are providing a link, click on logo below, to the Nation of Gods and Earths web site. We ask of all, who view this link to do so with an open mind; if you choose to begin open communications, please keep an open mine and do so without bigotry or malice.