The Association Information


Scope: The Association is a small semi-organized White Supremacist group which can be found in our correctional facilities in New England. Its formulation appears to be in response to the proliferation of other ethnic gangs in our correctional facilities.

Gender Make Up: Predominately male.

Racial Make Up: White.

Organization: Established chain of command with a President, Vice President, Captain, and members. Bylaw's include 15 rules or "Laws of the Association" and 4 rules for the "colors" of the gang. Specific duties defined for President, Vice President and Captains.

Gang Colors: Purple and White.

Emblem: Swartigo, lighting bolts, four leaf clover.

Alliances: Aryan Brothers, KKK, Skinheads, biker gangs.

Rivals: Nation, Brotherhood, Latin Kings, Latin Locos, Solidos, ÑetaETA.

Criminal Activity: Drugs, extortion, assaults.

History: "The Association" was formed on Easter Sunday, March 31, 1991 at the Brooklyn Correctional Center, Connecticut by 3 Inmates. Members refer to themselves as "The Family".

Propensity for Violence: Members of the Association are known for assaults and intimidation on Black and Hispanic inmates in addition to extortion activities. Members have been known to revert to arson as a sign to protest to Administrative Policies and local procedures.

Finances: The two main sources of income for the Association is extortion and drug dealing.

Leadership: Structured hierarchy including a President, Vice President and Captains.

Identification: Members of the Association will identify with either White Supremacist gangs such as the Aryan Brotherhood, KKK, Skinheads, and biker gangs. Colors are usually displayed in homemade necklaces, wrist bracelets and graffiti.


An (acting) President, Vice President, or Captain will never be able to become anything higher than a level two because the three founding members will always be the only members to carry levels three, four, and five. The only exceptions will bee made due to the death or termination of one of the founding three members.

The policy for level change from level one to level two is as follows:

When a level two position (President, Vice President or Captain) becomes vacant, the individual who has been a level one member the longest will be considered for the position of Captain. If for some reason the senior level one is not found suitable for a level change at that time, then the next senior level one will be considered.

5 points - original founding President - "The Godfather"
4 points - original founding Vice President - "Bugz"
3 points - original founding Captain - "Spaz"
2 all acting Presidents, Vice Presidents, or Captains of any division
1 all members of the Association without titles

The chain of command will be run on a point system. This system will determine each member's level of authority in the Association and proper respect is to be shown to members according to this point system.

For instance, if a member with two points is acting president of a division and a member with three, four, or five points should come to that area or institution, then he immediately takes command of that division. The level two that was running that division will move down one spot in the chain of command to the Vice President's position. The Vice President will assume the Captain's position and the Captain will retire his position to the former Vice President. Although the Captain will lose his title, he should be treated as a senior member and as soon as his position opens back up, he will regain his title. Also, even though a person may temporarily lose his title, his level will not change. The only way a person can lose his level if he is demoted due to breaking the laws of the Association.