BOWS (Brothers of White Strength) Information



SCOPE: Known to exist throughout correctional facilities in New England. The BOWS are a small semi-organized White group whose organization appears to be in response to the proliferation of other ethnic gangs within the correctional system.

GENDER-MAKE UP: Male. No known female members.

RACIAL MAKE UP: Strictly Caucasian.

ORGANIZATION: Established chain of command with a President, Vice President, Captains, Secretary, Warlord, and Soldiers (Bros). The President, Vice President, Captains, and Secretary comprise the "high council". Also have by-laws consisting of 31 rules and regulations; and a constitution which includes a creed, gospel, and philosophy.

GANG COLORS: Silver and white. The color grey may be used as a substitute color for silver.

EMBLEM: Crossed forearms, often accompanied by the slogan "BOWS Forever". The emblem is referred to by members as a patch". A BOWS tattoo can only be worn by a member if authorized by the President.

ALLIANCES: Have been known to align with members of the Aryan Brotherhood. However, evidence indicates loose alliances with the Solidos and Latin Kings, alliance appears to be based strictly on their shared rivalry against Black gangs.

RIVALS: All non white groups and some religious groups

CRIMINAL ACTIVITY: Narcotics, assaults, threats, intimidation, and extortion.

HISTORY: The BOWS began to surface in the latter part of 1991 inside Connecticut correctional facilities. This gang is possibly a manifestation of the gang The Association, who appear to have either gone underground and resurfaced as the BOWS, or have disintegrated.

PROPENSITY FOR VIOLENCE: Members have been involved in assaults, extortion, and intimidation of weak inmates, generally inmates who are not affiliated with other gangs, and who the BOWS perceive to be homosexual, sex offenders, informants, and those who the BOWS consider to be "scumbags".

FINANCES: The two main sources of income for the BOWS are derived from narcotic sales and extortion.

LEADERSHIP: Structured hierarchy including a President, Vice President, Captains, and Secretary. Also have written procedures for originating new chapters and recruiting new members.